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What to Look out for When Buying a Tourniquet

There are various medical equipment that can be used for bleeding control and hence save lives, the best of them being the combat application tourniquet. Usually, death happens when victims lose blood after being seriously injured either in combat situations or accidents and it is established that if lifesavers are properly equipped with effective bleeding control kit, about 20% more lives would be saved. The biggest difference between serious lifesavers and average ones is the knowledge that knowledge is worthless if the right equipment is not available. Bleeding caused by a ruptured artery or major can be fatal in a matter of minutes and hence requires a lot of pressure to stop the blood flow before it is too late for the victim’s life to be saved. Use of improvised bleeding control methods such as trying a piece of cloth around the wound and using hands to apply pressure is not very effective and hence need for a combat application tourniquet. Here are a few tips that will guide you when looking for the right tourniquet to purchase from an online store or a local retail store.

When you are considering to purchase a combat application tourniquet from an online store or retail shop, do not gamble on the quality by picking the very first item with a tourniquet label on it but go on further to verify the quality of the item including the history of use in bleeding control situations. If you are wondering how you can tell a high-quality tourniquet from an average one, it is simple; look out for the brand of the tourniquet and do a quick online search to confirm whether the equipment is endorsed by the medical field and whether it is patented under the patent law. For a tourniquet to be patented and endorsed by a medical or surgical research institute, it must go through a rigorous process while being tested in the lab and also in the field and hence presence of the two features is a guarantee that you are purchasing the right equipment. You can also check whether there is any military or life-saving organization that uses the particular brand of the tourniquet in their operations.

Once you have established the presence of a patent and endorsement, do not settle on the brand of tourniquet yet. The other key feature of the tourniquet you must consider is the system applied and bleeding control method. The best bleeding control system is a windlass system with a free moving internal band that helps to apply even circumferential pressure on the traumatic wound.

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